Infosys to Open Innovation Hub in Arizona, Hire 1,000 American Workers by 2023

The Infosys Technology and Innovation Hub at Arizona will focus on autonomous technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), full-stack engineering, data science and cyber security.


Infosys will open its next technology and innovation hub in Arizona and hire 1,000 American workers in the U.S. state by 2023, the Indian technology major announced on Sept. 20.

The Arizona hub will have a special focus on autonomous technologies, Internet of Things (IOT), full-stack engineering, data science and cyber security, the Bengaluru-based firm said in a statement. Its investment in Arizona is a continuation of the company’s commitment to accelerate innovation for American enterprise by amplifying top local talent with the best global talent and to close the IT skills gap in the marketplace, it added. 

The hub will help the company in working even more closely with clients in the region to develop cross-functional solutions to pressing business challenges in such areas as machine learning, artificial intelligence, user experience and advanced digital technologies, including big data and cloud.  

The launch will boost the commitment made by Infosys last year of hiring 10,000 American workers and reshaping the future of technology by opening technology and innovation hubs in the United States. Till date, the company has hired 5,874 American workers against this commitment, the statement added.

Infosys will hire employees for the Arizona innovation hub from the the state’s prestigious network institutions, as well as local professionals who will be able to upgrade their skills through the firm’s training curriculum. 

“The number of jobs Infosys is bringing to Arizona is fantastic news for our citizens, especially given the commitment the company makes to continual training and education in technology,” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said in the statement. “We are thankful for companies like Infosys who enhance our efforts to prepare the workforce for the future.”

Michael Crow, Professor and President, Arizona State University, welcomed Infosys in Arizona, saying, “We are excited that Infosys has selected AZ and we want to partner with you to take IoT to the next level.”

The investment “will strengthen our ability to deliver for our clients across ARarizona and the Southwest and expand the local workforce to help our clients compete in the rapidly digitizing global economy,” Infosys President Ravi Kumar said.

Last month, the company announced the launch of a new technology and innovation hub in Raleigh, North Carolina. The new center will train, upskill and reskill employees of Infosys and its clients as per the requirements of the new age digital technology, it had said at the time. 

In April this year, Infosys announced the opening of an education center in Indianapolis, where it will train and hire 3,000 American workers by 2023.

The tech major company announced in March that it will be opening a new office at Hartford, Connecticut, for which it will hire 1,000 American citizens by 2022. The IT company’s latest Technology and Innovation hub will be a $20.6 million project focusing on healthcare, insurance and manufacturing, and will offer data security and data-sharing services to its clients. 

Through its Infosys Foundation USA, the firm has provided multiple grants for classroom technology and computer science training to teachers and schools in America. To date, more than 4.7 million students; 13,000 teachers and 21,000 schools across America, including over 7,300 students, 192 teachers and 159 schools in Arizona, have benefited from computer science training and classroom equipment funded by the foundation, the statement said.

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