Infosys to Hire 2,000 Americans in North Carolina

Infosys will open an innovation hub in Raleigh, North Carolina, and hire 2,000 Americans in the next 4 years.


Indian software giant Infosys will soon open an innovation hub in Raleigh, North Carolina, and hire 2,000 Americans within the next four years.

This innovation center will focus on advanced technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data and advanced analytics, cloud computing, and big data management.

North America contributes around 60 per cent of Infosys’ total annual software export revenue, which comes to $10.3 billion.

“The new hub, which will open in early 2018, will have an initial capacity to house 500 American workers, who will be hired over the next two years and the remaining by 2021,” according to a statement by the company. “The investment in North Carolina reinforces our commitment to open four such technology hubs in the U.S. and hire 10,000 Americans over the next four years.”

The move is being seen as a response to US President Donald Trump’s decision on H-1B visas.

Infosys is planning to open a total of four such innovation hubs in the United States. The one in North Carolina will be its second innovation center. The first one has been established in Indiana and will employ a total of 2,000 Americans.

As a part of the recruitment process, the IT giant will hire graduates from colleges and universities in North Carolina. Local professionals who are in line with Infosys’ training curriculum will also be considered for the job openings.

Infosys will collaborate with North Carolina Community College System to tailor-make training programs for the new recruits. The local authorities are also expected to contribute $3 million towards upskilling the workers.

The hub, located in the innovation incubator of Raleigh, will support the development of co-created solutions for our valued clients in North Carolina and the region around,” company president Ravi Kumar said.

North Carolina Governor Ray Cooper said, “Innovation, technology, and education are part of who we are as North Carolinians, and along the course of this project, Infosys leaders have found that to be the case every step of the way.”

The Infosys decision was also hailed by North Carolina’s Mayor Nancy McFarlane, who called the company a key member of their community. She added: “The partnership between our city and Infosys will boost innovation and benefit businesses, schools, and workforce development in the area.”

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