• Barkha Dutt |July 29, 2018

    Rahul Gandhi hugged Indian Prime Minister Modi – And it Hurt

    "The Hug" was pure, deliberate, coldly crafted strategy, and it showed Rahul Gandhi's new astuteness.

  • Charles M. Blow |July 2, 2018

    White Extinction Anxiety

    Donald Trump is beloved by his base in part because he is unapologetically defending whiteness from anything that threatens it, or at least that’s the image he wants to project.

  • Aswati Anand |May 15, 2018

    Karnataka Elections See Fractured Verdict

    The BJP won 104 of the 222 seats in which Karnataka Assembly elections were held while the Congress won 78 seats.

  • Mihir Sharma |May 4, 2018

    North-South Divide in India Grows More Dangerous

    India's two halves have strongly disparate interests, demands and expectations. Healing those growing divisions will be the constant task of future leaders.

  • Achal Mehra |April 16, 2018

    Normalizing Trump

    Donald Trump has been restrained. He is just finding his mojo. Hold on to your seatbelts folks!

  • Barkha Dutt |April 12, 2018

    Hindu ‘Nationalists’ Defend Accused Rapists and Shame India

    We are tweeting furiously and writing posts on Facebook. But our class bias, especially in the media, has been unveiled.

  • Achal Mehra |March 25, 2018

    Racists Among Us

    You have little difficulty recognizing a bigot instantly. But what about you? Will you speak up, or hide, distract, stall, dodge, delay, fidget, deny, lie, evade?