IN THE UNITED STATES

Asian Indians are the fastest-growing and most affluent ethnic group in the United States, with a median annual household income of over $90,000, which is almost 60% higher than the national average. Their estimated annual buying power exceeds $100 billion.

Indians own 50% of all economy lodges and 35% of all hotels in the United States with a combined market value of almost $40 billion.

They are the single largest foreign physicians group in the country, accounting for 15% of all foreign medical graduates and nearly 5% of all U.S. physicians.

Indians fuel America’s technology sector. A University of California, Berkeley, Study, reported that one-third of the engineers in Silicon Valley are of Indian descent, while 7% of valley high-tech firms are led by Indian CEOs.


Indians (2010 population 3 million) are among the fastest growing ethnic groups in the United States. Between 2000 to 2010, the Indian population grew 69%, which is 10 times the national average. They are the second largest Asian group, behind the Chinese and are growing at a far faster pace.


Little India is by far the largest circulated Indian publication in the United States and among the largest circulated minority publications in the country. Little India has the highest penetration of all Indian media in its target markets, typically two to 13 times that of any other Indian print medium.


Little India’s exceptional and unmatched editorial content has been recognized with 20 Ippie Awards and six New American Media Awards (dubbed the Ethnic Pulitizers) as well as nominations for the Utne-IPA Award for ethnic issues coverage and the GLAAD Media Award in the magazine article category, along with such publications as the New York Times Magazine, ESPN The Magazine, Teen People and The Nation. Within the Indian community, Little India has been recognized with Project Impact’s Creating A Voice Award, the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence and the South Asian Students Association SASA Magazine of the Year.

Little India’s directories are the preeminent source of marketing and demographic information on the Indian community and serve as standard references for libraries, academic institutions and marketing researchers throughout the United States. It was listed as the primary resource for information on Indian Americans by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.



Our exceptional and unmatched focus on Indian American life in the United States makes our editorial content distinctive from all other Indian media and allows our advertisers to reach our loyal readers monthly, many of whom cannot be reached by any other Indian media. Our readers spend far more time with the magazine than typical readers of Indian publications. Little India’s directories are the preeminent source of marketing, demographic and internet information on the Indian American community. They serve as standard references for libraries, academic institutions, marketing researchers and businesses throughout the United States.

Our distinctive and targeted distribution approach makes Little India, the smartest, and cheapest, media buy for your business. Little India offers the lowest advertising rate in the Indian market. Furthermore, as a monthly magazine, Little India has a far longer shelf life than weekly newspapers, giving you considerably greater value for your advertising dollar.

The large number of retail and corporate advertisers, including State Farm, Lufthansa, Emirates, Metife, Western Union, Vanguard, Dish Network, Prudential, DirectTV, Citibank, State Bank of India, U.S. Census Bureau, etc., in Little India are testimony to the enduring editorial and advertising strengths of the magazine, which has developed a unique distribution network through Indian businesses and cultural and religious institutions throughout its target area. This targeted circulation gives advertisers access to an Indian market unavailable through any other media. Not surprisingly, hundreds of retail and corporate advertisers have turned to Little India as their primary promotional vehicle.


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