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  • Achal Mehra |July 21, 2011

    Namaste America!

    Asian Indians are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States.

  • Achal Mehra |February 10, 2010

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Who is the biggest liar of them all? A strong majority of Indians perceive themselves as fair and just 2 percent as dark.

  • LIFS |March 4, 2009

    Indians Most Affluent Immigrant Group

    Indians have the highest income and are the most educated of all immigrant groups in the United States,...

  • LIFS |March 2, 2007

    Data file

    Australia goes into the 2007 Cricket World Cup with both the most titles (3), the most play offs...

  • LIFS |January 2, 2007

    Indians: Largest Foreign Student Group in USA

    Almost one in 7 foreign student in the United States is Indian, making them the largest foreign student...

  • LIFS |December 11, 2006

    Distribution of Indian Immigrants 2005

    India is now the second largest immigrant source to the United States after only Mexico. In 2005, 84,681...

  • LIFS |November 12, 2006

    Asian Indian Population 2005

    The Asian Indian population in the United States grew 38%, almost 15 times the national growth rate, between...