Hate Crimes Increase in New Jersey But Fewer Indian Americans Targeted

There were three incidents of hate crimes against Indian Americans in 2016 in New Jersey.


Three cases of hate crime were reported against Indian Americans in New Jersey in 2016, according to latest data released by the state. A total of 10 cases of hate crime against 10 Asians were reported in the same period, it added. Three of the hate crimes were against Hindus, of which two were against the individual, while one concerned damage to property.

Hate crimes had been declining since 2011 in the state that has a large population of Asians, including Indian Americans. However, there was an increase in hate crimes in 2016, although Indian Americans were less targeted.

There were 775 total reported incidents of hate crime in 2010, followed each successive year by 606, 553, 459, 373 and finally 367 in 2015. But there were 417 incidents in 2016. There were seven hate crimes against Asian Indians in 2015.

“It’s sad that we see bias incidents trending upward, but it’s not surprising, given that we have political leaders in this country who encourage the expression of intolerance and hatred, or in other cases, ignore or countenance it,” Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said on March 29, according to “What we need to do, as individuals and as a society, is to push back against this prejudice. We need to embrace the diversity that makes us stronger as a state and a nation, and we need to spread a countervailing message of tolerance and unity.”

There was an increase in hate crimes against Muslims in 2016, with 15 crimes reported against a person, seven against property, and four against Islamic public property. In 2015, hate crimes against Muslims increased 250 per cent in New Jersey. There were 14 crimes against Muslims in 2014 and 14 in 2015. Nationwide, hate crimes against Muslims increased by two-thirds in 2015 over 2014.

Jewish and African Americans also faced more crimes in 2016 than Asian Indians. There were 114 incidents of hate crimes against Jewish people, including property and public property while there were 127 hate crimes against African Americans.

Most of the offenders in the state were aged between 11 and 17 years. Fifty three offenders were in that age group while 50 victims were also between that age group. There were 144 male offenders and 149 male victims while there were 35 female offenders and 99 female victims.

Some of the hate crimes were also sexual in nature. Homosexual males were the most persecuted group as hate crimes against them numbered at 25 out of all 48 hate crimes that were sexual.

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