• Vindu Goel | September 30, 2017

    IBM’s Second Home, Half a World Away

    The company employs 130,000 people in India — about one-third of its total workforce, and more than in...

  • Little India Features | September 30, 2017

    When Modi Met Trump

    There were bound to be their signature style handshakes and hugs when the two world leaders met. Here’s...

  • admin | September 30, 2017

    BJay Pak Named U.S. Attorney for Northern Georgia

    Byung J. Pak becomes the first Asian Pacific American to become U.S attorney for Northern Georgia.

  • Little India Desk | September 30, 2017

    Actor Tom Alter Dies After Battle With Cancer

    Acclaimed actor Tom Alter dies at 67.

  • Iain Marlow | September 30, 2017

    Japan Inc.’s Thriving Outpost Sits in This Dusty Indian Town

    In the desert-like scrub land of Rajasthan, beside a barren stretch of highway, an unlikely oasis appears: an...

  • Sopan Deb | September 30, 2017

    The Big Sick, South Asian Identity, and Marriage

    I never told my Bengali parents about my first kiss. I was 14 and we were in the...

  • Little India Desk | September 30, 2017

    From One Project to Next, Mindy Kaling Remains a Role Model

    Mindy Kaling named third highest paid TV star by Forbes.

  • Achal Mehra | September 29, 2017

    Indians in the Virgin Islands Pick Up the Pieces

    The entire infrastructure of the island is devastated and recovery could take years.

  • Achal Mehra | September 29, 2017

    Dare to Speak Its Name

    For the past several decades, conservative groups have sought to undermine affirmative action in college admissions with relentless...

  • Achal Mehra | September 29, 2017

    Indians in Puerto Rico “Safe and Sound”

    Residents say they are “living day to day” as food and drinking water supplies run out on an...