Woman Who Shouted Racial Slurs at Indian Man in Canada is Not Sorry

The woman, who hurled racial abuses at an Indian man in Edmonton, said that she has no problem with what happened.


A woman who hurled racial slurs to an Indian-origin man in Canada last week, pointing at his skin color and telling him to go back to his country, has refused to apologize over her behavior .

Edmonton resident Rahul Kumar, who works as a human resource executive, recorded the incident on his phone when the woman launched the tirade against him at a parking spot in a residential area in the city on Aug. 15.

A week after the incident, the woman, who has identified herself as Angelique, told CTV News that she is not sorry about the incident. “I don’t care what appalls most Canadians,” she said. “I love myself. I have no problem with what happened.”

In the video, that was shared by Kumar, the woman is seen uttering the ethnic slur “P**I” several times, besides commenting on his skin color, calling it “sh*t covered skin,” making fun of his accent, and finally telling him to “go back to your f*** country.”

She told the publication that the incident stemmed from a parking dispute, and blamed Kumar for being verbally aggressive first.

“I’m not a racist,” she said. “I have no problems with anybody. But in every race, there’s one bad bunch.”

While recalling the incident, she said, “He went crazy and started banging on my window, telling me I’m f*cking stupid, move my f*cking car.”

Kumar, who moved to Canada seven years back, said that the woman’s car was parked in the emergency lane, blocking the way, and that he recognized it as one belonging to a frequent visitor of his neighbor.

“I’ve requested her a few times not to do that because it gives a hard time to me and my wife who’s a learner, to back up our cars from the designated spots,” Kumar told Global News. “I just called the rental office… and the office girl came out and she went and spoke to her to move the car. Otherwise they have to get it towed because it’s in the emergency lane.”

Shortly after that, he said, when he was in his vehicle, he heard the woman shouting racial slurs, and had to stop as his two-year-old child was within earshot.

“I had to stop,” Kumar said. “That’s a natural response any father would do…. because I was worried she might do something else or she might get physical.

“My wife even came out… She’s pregnant and I didn’t want her to get involved with this,” Kumar told the publication.

He reported the incident to the bylaw officers.

“I’m here, I’m paying my taxes, I’m working… what else should I do to be part of the country”?, he told CTV. “I want people to know that these things exist… we need to get to know more about it.”

The Hate Crimes Unit is reviewing the video, but it is not officially considered a hate crime at this time, it cited Edmonton Police as saying.

A similar incident occurred in the country last month, following which a white man was arrested for allegedly making racist comments and threats at an Indian-origin couple. A video uploaded on YouTube showed the white man shouting at the couple outside a Walmart store after they inadvertently get in his way while backing into a parking lot.

Earlier this year, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Singh Sajjan said that he faced discrimination in the country’s military because he “looked different.”

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