Woman, Baby Die After “Drunk” Doctor Performs C-Section, Doctor Arrested

The doctor has been booked under sections of Prohibition Act.


A doctor has been arrested in Indian western state of Gujrat for allegedly performing C-section on a pregnant woman while being drunk. The doctor was arrested by the police after the woman and baby died soon after the operation.

This incident happened at government-run Sonawala hospital in Botad district of Gujarat on Nov.26. An investigation into the exact cause of death has been initiated and the doctor has been booked under the Prohibition Act.

Dr. Paresh Lakhani, 50, allegedly performed C-section of a pregnant woman despite having consumed alcohol. Lakhani holds MBBS degree and is on the post of Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of the hospital, where he has been working for 15 years, reported the Times of India.

According to PTI, the patient Kaminiben Chachia, 22 was brought to the hospital with labor pains in the evening of Nov.26. Dr. Lakhani performed C-section to deliver the baby.

The newborn baby was declared dead at birth while Chachia’s condition started deteriorating due to excessive bleeding after the operation. Her family members decided to shift her to a private medical center but she died enroute.

When the relatives of Chachia’s relative came to see Dr. Lakhani, they found out that he was drunk and had performed the operation in the intoxicated state. Her family members called the police, who found through breathalyzer that Lakhani was Drunk.

The PTI quoted Botad Superintendent of Police Harshad Mehta as saying, “The police found that the doctor was drunk while on duty. He was first booked under the Prohibition Act and was arrested. His blood sample was sent for testing.”

Mehta also said that family members have alleged medical negligence on the part of doctor.

He was quoted by the Times of India as saying, “The family members of deceased woman have alleged that she died due to medical negligence. We have asked a committee of Bhavnagar’s Sir T Hospital to investigate the exact cause of her death. If the committee finds negligence, we will register a separate offense against the doctor.”

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