UK Highly Polluted, Says Goa Chief Minister

The town of Swindon, where many Goans live, is highly polluted, Manohar Parrikar said.


Britain is the most polluted country in Europe and the town of Swindon, which has a large number of Goans, is “highly polluted,” Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said on Dec. 15. He said that the United Kingdom is highly polluted, with pollution levels four times that of India.”

Lots of Goans stay in UK Swindon. It is a highly polluted town with high PM (particulate matter) 2.5,” Parrikar was quoted as saying by IANS. Healso warned NRIs and expats from advising him about Goa-related matters, especially the coal pollution controversy.

Excessive coal handling at the Mormugao Port Trust raised alarms bells regarding health risks, leading to the Goa Assembly on Dec. 15 unanimously passing a resolution against coal pollution and excessive coal imports at the port. Parrikar said that he would “monitor the pollution levels every two weeks.”

The former Indian Defence Minister also said that pollution in the UnitedKingdom was four times as much as India. Speaking on the pollution issue, he also said that banning coal was not the only option.

“Those who are against coal and are green, they should reduce use of cars… they should go by cycle,” he said, adding that coal handling operations will not be expanded and only the coal required by local industries will be imported.

Speaking about business tycoon Adani, who is embattled in multiple geographies over coal foundries, Parrikar said that Adani’s group was given permission for coal handling during the reign of the previous Congress-led UPA government. He derided those who say that Adani receives support from BJP.

Adani Group, JSW steel and Vedanta handle coal at the port in Goa. The matter of health risk due to coal handling was brought to light when the Mormugao Port Trust sought permission from the Union Environment and Forests Ministry for redevelopment and expansion of four berths at the port.

Parrikar said that an independent study about the effect on health would be carried out.

His comments come in the wake of India’s efforts to cut down its dependence on fossil fuels in favor of green energy

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