UK Court Finds Four Indian-Origin Men Guilty of Hacking Man to Death

The crime was conducted as an act of revenge against the victim who had an affair with one of the men's wives.


A London court has found four Indian-origin gang members guilty of hacking a 28-year-old Sikh man to death in an incident two years ago, PTI reported.

The nine-week trial at Old Bailey court,which concluded this week, ended with conviction of Amandeep Sandhu, 30, and Ravinder Singh Shergil, 31, for murder of Gurinder Singh in July 2016 in Southall, west London. Vishal Sobha, 30, while cleared of murder charges, was found guilty of manslaughter and assisting an offender. Kuldeep Dhillon, 27, was convicted of manslaughter and intimidation but cleared of murder charges by the jury.

Singh suffered 48 separate injuries to his head and body after the attack, according to Daily Mail. His fingers chopped off with knives and swords as the masked gang went on to attack him with a wooden club and hammer. The motive was said to be revenge for Singh’s affair with a wife of one of the convicts. Two of them covered their faces with turbans while another wore a balaclava during the murder.

Two of Singh’s fingers were recovered from the scene of the attack the following day.

Dhillon and Singh, who was also called Sukhjinder Singh, lived together between 2008 and 2012. They parted ways when Dhillon found out that Singh was having an affair with his wife. The group of four then followed Singh as left his Southall home late on July 30, 2016.

“It was brutal, it was sustained and vicious. There can be no doubt that those who were responsible for wielding the weapons intended to kill,” prosecutor Alan Kent told the jury during the trial.

A key witness for the prosecution, Palwinder Multani, who drove the men to the scene, said he saw Gurinder Singh lying on the floor with two men “chopping him with swords,” one stabbing him with a knife, and the other beating him with a “wooden bar,” the report added.

Even after the assault, Singh got to his feet and started limping off from the scene. However, another car driven by Dhillon knocked him back down. Singh was then rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on the multiple stab wounds. He died the next day.

The sentencing for the case will take place on June 22.

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