Smartphone App to Make Processes Easier for Indians Seeking Jobs in UAE

The new smartphone app aims to help people seeking work visas in UAE complete a large portion of procedures in India.


Seeking jobs in the United Arab Emirates will get easier for Indians with the smartphone application that was launched by UAE this week. The app, launched by Dr Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Banna, the Ambassador of the UAE to India, in New Delhi on Jan. 23, aims to help Indian citizens who want to apply for a work visa to the country.

The app is available on both platforms — Android and iOS. The UAE embassy in New Delhi took to the social media to announce the launch of the smartphone app.

The app will help people get a hassle-free work visa to the UAE. It will also help them complete a large portion of the procedures in India guaranteeing a work visa. It is available in Hindi and English, and Malayalam will be added soon.

“The app is dedicated to providing information and the information actually serves both UAE nationals visiting India and also Indians trying to gather information to visit the UAE and also those going to work in the UAE,” Al Banna said, IANS reported.

He added that the mission will offer various electronic services along the lines of the Digital India Initiative.

The app functions like a map, informing job-seekers about the main locations as well as points guiding the user to process and resolve issues related to visas. It also shows addresses of locations of the mission’s embassy in New Delhi as well as the Consulate General’s address in Kerala and Mumbai, the Khaleej Times reported.

It also has instructions for users about the paper work required for visa applications, medical check-up, and police verification processes that have to be done when a person applies for an employment visa to the country from India.

Applicants also can now complete their medical check-up and get police verification done before they come to the UAE.

The UAE embassy in Delhi issued about 50,000 work visas last year. Earlier this month, the UAE government announced that new Job seekers looking to obtain a work visa in the United Arab Emirates will have to produce a certificate of good conduct. The new rules will come into effect from Feb. 4 this year.

The UAE will open three new consular centers and invest $75 billion of its sovereign wealth fund in India in the next 10 years, Al Banna said on Dec. 5 in New Delhi.

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