Singapore Arrests Two-Indian Origin Men for Lighting Illegal Fireworks on Diwali

It is illegal to use fireworks in Singapore without obtaining permission from the authorities.


The Singapore police arrested two-Indian origin people on Nov. 6 for lighting fireworks in Singapore’s ‘Little India’ area on Diwali. They face up to two years in jail and will have pay fines between SG$2,000 and SG$10,000.

The arrested are Thiagu Selvarajoo (29) and Siva Kumar Subramaniam (48). While Thiagu is accused of letting off dangerous firework, Siva has been charged with abetting him, The Straits Times reported Nov. 8.

According to a report in Singapore news website, it is illegal to set off fireworks in Singapore without obtaining permission from the authorities. A ban on the use of fireworks in Singapore was imposed in 1972 under the Dangerous Fireworks Act and exceptions are granted for certain events where appropriate safety precautions have been adopted.

Citing court document, news agency PTI said Siva Kumar allegedly placed a box of fireworks on a road divider on Gloucester Road shortly before midnight on Monday and Thiagu reportedly lit them.

Citing police release, the news portal said the suspects were caught after a police officer spotted the fireworks along Gloucester Road at about midnight on Tuesday. In a video that was posted on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante, the loud sound of fireworks could be heard, and the display went on for more than a minute, the news portal said adding police officers were seen running toward the fireworks. The video has since been taken down.

PTI said the Facebook group posted the video on Tuesday afternoon along with a post which read, “Illegal fireworks being set off at Race Course Road. Singapore police officers can be seen rushing towards the scene.” The post ended by wishing people a happy Diwali.

However, it’s not clear how the men procured the fireworks in Singapore.

Newspaper Straits Times said in its website that the two Singaporeans are now in remand and will be back in court on Nov. 14. Two other men were arrested on Diwali after fireworks were set off in Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 at Block 194B at 7.49pm on Tuesday, Straits Times said in its report.

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