Obama Trounces McCain 4 to 1 Among Asian Indians

A new national survey finds that Barack Obama has a lopsided lead over John McCain in the presidential elections among Indian American voters.

Barack Obama trounced John McCain 4 to 1 among Indian Americans, the highest proportion among any Asian group, according to an independent survey.

The National Asian American Survey (NAAS), led by researchers from three California state universities and Rutgers University in New Jersey, found that 53% of Indian planned to vote for Obama against 13% for McCain. Another 33% said they were undecided.

The survey found that Obama led across every Asian group, except Vietnamese Americans. Overall, Obama led McCain among Asian Americans 41% to 24%.

The survey also found a lopsided advantage for Democrats in party identification among Indian Americans: 39% identified themselves as Democrat, 21% as Independent and 33%  as non partisan. Indian Americans tied with the Chinese for the lowest identification with Republicans among all Asian groups, with only 7% identifying themselves as Republican in both groups.

4% of Indian Americans had worked on a political campaign and 13% had made political contributions, according to the survey.

The NAAS survey is based on a national sample of 4,394 Asian Americans in 41 states, including 920 Indian Americans and has a margin of error of 3.4 percent for the Asian Indian sample. The survey was conducted between Aug 18-Sept 26.

The findings in the survey on party identification are congruent with another national Pew survey, which found that among Hindus, the religion to which a majority of Indian Americans belong, 63% identified themselves as Democrat or lean Democrat, against 13% who identified themselves as Republican or lean Republican.

Little India’s online poll also had Obama ahead 4 to 1, with 79% supporting Obama against 21% supporting McCain.

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