Lost Your Shirt? Get Moneypants


 “Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due.”
Hardly the language you’ll find on a financial website, but if you’ve lost your shirt, maybe it’s time to consult Moneypants!

This innovative online personal finances software offers emotional support and fun ideas to keep more of your money in your pocket. The entrepreneur who co-founded the site is Komal Bhojwani of Beverly Hills, Calif. A lawyer, she’s also dabbled in stand up comedy, playing the Hollywood Improv and gigs in Toronto, San Francisco and Miami. Then in 2004, she went from stand-up to start-up, launching Moneypants with partners Julia Salazar and Anne Stockwell, and they came up with the idea of tracking expenses, staying on top of bills, and getting conscious about money in a fun way, with a simple tracking software. has found mention in the Wall Street Journal and picked on New York’s WABC-7 as one of the top three personal finance sites for 2005.

What makes it different from other financial sites is that instead of presenting information in a boring or intimidating way, it does it with whimsy and humor. Says Bhojwani: “We don’t lecture. It’s like a Weight Watchers for money. Just as we eat unconsciously, we spend unconsciously. Only when you start writing down what you’re doing do you begin to understand how a piece of chocolate cake ends up on your thighs.”

Does she practice what she preaches? She says, “Absolutely. It’s almost like a reflexive reaction. When you have to report to somebody, even if it’s just yourself, you’re a lot more careful about what you do! And of course at tax time, it’s such a life-saver because I can just hit print and my list of tax-deductible expenses are all there for me.”

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