Indian Origin Man Installs Inflatable Chicken Outside White House

The chicken, which has distinct resemblance to Donald Trump, is being sold on Ebay.


The White House had an unusual visitor on August 9 — a 30 foot tall inflatable chicken with distinguishable Trump-esque hair perched near the Washington Monument. Through the installation, documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar, the Indian origin owner of the balloon, wanted to make a statement about Donald Trump being a “weak and ineffective leader”.

“He’s too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladamir Putin and is playing chicken with north Korea,” he was quoted as saying by USA Today. “What they say is that an image speaks a thousand words and this image does very well at piercing through and presenting Trump as the ineffective leader he is,” he said, according to Fox10.

Brar had got permits to put up the ‘Trump chicken’ from National Park Service and Secret Service and he claims to have got a waiver. “The tallest thing they allow here is the national Christmas tree,” Brar said.

The chicken balloon, designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais and produced in China, was used during the Tax Day March when President Donald Trump, in an unusual move for a United States President, refused to release his tax information. It was said to have been created in time for the Chinese New Year to respect this year’s animal — the Rooster. It even has its own Twitter account, called TaxMarchChicken.

Inflatable imitations of the ‘Trump chicken’ in various sizes, ranging from six to over 30 feet tall, then started getting sold on Chinese e-commerce website Taobao, for a price ranging from $75 to $750. Brar says he bought his “30-foot chicken Don” for $1,300, Time reported. He also has a GoFundMe page through which he is seeking to raise $10,000 to pay for the logistics to move multiple versions of the chicken around the US, according to Fox10.

Trump is on a 17-day working vacation in New Jersey while there is chicken in his backyard.

The internet, meanwhile, is amused.





There is, however, more than one chicken. Ebay lists several inflatable Trump chickens and dissenters across the US appear to have ordered them online. In China, a 10-foot chicken is selling for $500. In fact, the Trump Chicken was originally installed last year in a shopping mall in city of Taiyuan in China as part of the “Year of the Rooster”. The installation came after Trump belittled China in his election campaign

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