Indian Movie, American Money And The Producer Sings!

Now movie-making is being outsourced to India!

Telebrands, a New Jersey based American company which deals in infomercials, has jumped into the Bollywood business, producing Aryan, a movie starring the hunk Sohail Khan and Aishwarya Rai look-alike, Sneha Ullal, in a rousing Rocky-like boxing saga. So now American money is getting into Bollywood and who knows how far this trend will go? Usually playback singing is done by the Bollywood biggies, but in this movie, the producer of the film, New Jersey based Poonam Khubani, has also sung the title song “Ek Look” – and the track is already no 5 on V, the leading music channel in Mumbai. So can there be a reverse trend of outsourcing playback singing to the US?

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