Indian Man in Dubai Gets Deportation Orders for Forging Parking Ticket

The Indian man had used a software to forge a parking ticket to avoid paying for the parking service.


An Indian man in Dubai has been awarded a suspended jail term of three months and deportation orders for faking a parking ticket in the UAE. He was apprehended on March 10 in Al Rafaa, after the ticket placed on his car was caught to be fake.

The 25-year old Indian man, who has not been named, was recently convicted by the Dubai Court of First Instance for forging a parking ticket issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in March, and awarded a suspended jail term of three months, Khaleej Times reported. The court also ordered his deportation to his country. The accused had used Adobe Photoshop to make a copy of the original ticket to avoid the charges of using the paid parking facility, which is managed by RTA.

The forgery came to light when an RTA inspector on duty doubted the genuineness of the ticket placed on the dashboard of the parked car in Al Karama, Gulf News reported. When the inspector checked the ticket, it turned out to be fake.

“There was a car with a ticket that looked like an original one, but it was fake,” Khaleej Times quoted the RTA inspector as saying. After confirming the fakeness of the ticket, the RTA official informed the police, who identified the Indian car owner and summoned him. The inspector, who alerted the police about this incident, told the prosecutor that the car owner produced the forged ticket before the police as well.

The accused told the court that he used the forged ticket only once, and that too by mistake, Gulf News reported. When questioned by prosecutors, he said that he photocopied the parking ticket and then forged it using the software Adobe Photoshop.

The general directorate of criminal evidence and criminology said in its report that the two paid parking tickets seized from the Indian accused man were fake, Khaleej Times said, adding that the ruling has been appealed.

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