Indian Author Claims JK Rowling’s “Nagini” has Roots in Indian Mythology

British author JK Rowling got into a twitter war when her film’s trailer showed a Korean actress playing character of snake lady. Users accused Rowling of racism, which later turned into the claim and counter claims regarding the cultural roots of character.


Indians took to social media to correct celebrated author of Harry Potter series, JK Rowling, who said that the character named “Nagini,” which is a lady transforming into snake, in her film “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald” has its roots in Indonesian mythology. Popular Indian author Amish Tripathi, who has penned some interesting books like “The Secret of Nagas” based on mythological characters took to Twitter to correct Rowling’s statement that “Nagini was a Naga, which are snake like mythical creatures of Indonesian mythology.”

The whole social media row began, when the final trailer of Rowling’s film “Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald” showed a Korean actress named Claudia Kim in a role of “Nagini.”Initially the wrath of social media users was related to featuring an East Asian actress in a degrading character, which was termed racist, but later it also involved an angle of falsely cited roots of the character.JK Rowling, who had earlier faced criticism over lacking representation in her books, was criticized over taking Korean actress in this character. A Twitter user named Jen Moulten tweeted to JK Rowling calling this representation as garbage. Rowling replied to the tweet and mentioned that the Nagini had its roots in Indonesian Mythology.

In reply to Rowling’s tweet, Tripathi mentioned that Nagas actually have their roots in Indian mythology. Other users also came into this tweet war and accused Rowling for citing false cultural connections of the characters.
Another user named Lalislay tweeted that “At this point just so done with JK Rowling. She can’t even credit the correct culture she drew a whole *** character inspiration from. What an ignorant white woman. Good on her for stealing cultures & for being ignorant & unbothered.”Some users also tweeted to take this whole thing with an ease and said whatever cast Rowling takes, people are always there to criticize. A user named Lisaaliyo tweeted, “So you guys are complaining that Nagini is Asian. You probably also complain if Nagini is black. Worst thing is I’m sure you will complain again if it is all white casts. Oh, human.”

Another user Gazal Sharma also echoed same viewpoint in her tweet.

The film is written by Rowling and directed by Potter veteran David Yates. It is scheduled for a release on Nov.16.

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