Indian American Lawmakers Elected to Powerful Congressional Positions

Pramila Jayapal got elected for Congressional Progressive Caucus as the co-chair.


Two Indian-American lawmakers have been elected to powerful positions in the Congress turning the community’s leadership stronger than ever before.

Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian-American Congresswoman, was elected for Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) as the co-chair with congressman Mark Pocan, PTI reported.

According to the report, Ro Khanna will take over from Jayapal as the vice chair of the CPC for the 116th Congress beginning January 2019. Both the Indian American policy-makers were re-elected in the November midterm elections.

Jayapal has been a known face in the Congress after she was elected as the First Vice Chair of the CPC.

“I am committed to ensuring our caucus is as bold and strategic as possible, and that our members have the resources and the ability to stand up for the chance for every American to have real opportunity, to take on the largest corporations and special interests who have corrupted our democracy and to bring real power to workers, women, immigrants and all of those most vulnerable and marginalized,” PTI quoted Jayapal as saying. “The progressive movement is the strongest it has ever been and I, along with Rep Pocan and the entire CPC Leadership, look forward to leveraging that power to deliver policies that benefit a diverse, inclusive and just America.”

She appointed Gautam Raghavan, a former White House official, as her chief of staff.

Ro Khanna stated, “Thank you to everyone who called or wrote my office during my first term and made their views known. Democracy only works when we all participate. I’m proud to represent you.”

In the just concluded mid-term elections for U.S. Congress, four Indian-American Congressmen from the Democratic Party have re-elected to the House of Representatives and over a dozen others, Indian-American candidates won various other races across the country in midterm elections held Oct. 6.

The four re-elected Indian Americans are Raja Krishnamoorthi from the 8th District near Chicago in Illinois, Ami Bera from California’s 7th District, Pramila Jayapal from Washington’s 7th Congressional district and Ro Khanna from California’s 17th District.

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