Family of Indian-Origin Mafia Boss in Hiding After Spate of Murders in Trinidad and Tobago

Sheron Sukhdeo, used car dealer and drug kingpin, was murdered in March. After his death, three more people related to him were killed.


After the death of Indian-origin businessman, Sheron Sukhdeo, who is said to have had links with the mafia in Trinidad and Tobago, his entire family has gone into hiding fearing for their life.

A string of deaths has plagued the community in Charlieville and Chaguanas, where Sukhdeo used to live. The 33-year-old real estate dealer was killed on March 26. Sukhdeo’s neighbor, 21-year-old Joshua Plaza, of Savannah Heights, Charlieville, was then killed on April 22. Like Sukhdeo, Plaza received a call and when he walked outside, he was shot dead. On May 4, Phillip Bassant, the younger brother of Sukhdeo’s wife, Rachel, also received a similar call and was shot dead when he stepped out. On May 13, Rachel’s driver and confidante Kerwin Beckles was shot dead around 10 pm near the New Settlement Savannah in Chaguanas.

More than a dozen people, including Rachel, several members of her family, and people employed by her, are being targeted, reported. Sukhdeo’s associates and residents of Caroni Savannah Road, Chaguanas, are living in fear under a self-imposed curfew.

Rachel has reportedly turned her home into a fortress. Her two children have also been whisked to safer places.

Sukhdeo made his money from real estate and car dealership. He liked to live a fast life, which he posted about on social media. For his funeral, he was dressed in white, with his famous gold jewelry, in a $50,000 casket which said “Sheron’s Auto” and “World Boss” inscribed in it. He was finally cremated according to Hindu rites but before that he was showered with Moët champagne at the Waterloo Cremation site in Carapichaima, according to uwatv.

Sukhdeo, who was also a drug kingpin, financed his criminal empire through money launderers for 15 years, according to the T&T Guardian. He and his family also received protection from a group called the Muslim Gang. Among other crimes, he was also accused of illegally occupying land close to his car dealership. He was charged twice for assaulting his wife but she refused to testify.

“He used to rent there and then he stopped paying the rent and occupied the land as if it was his own. Nobody told him anything because he owned all the officers from the Chaguanas Police Station. People covered for him, including (name called),” a source told the newspaper, adding that those associating with him are also in danger from rivals, who are most likely behind the attacks.

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