Louisiana Doctor Seeks Damages Over Harassment Case Against Him

Raman Singh was fired last week after a co-worker accused him of sexual harassment.


Former Medical Director of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections in Louisiana, Dr. Raman Singh, who was fired last month, has filed a lawsuit against the department. He has claimed that the allegations of sexual harassment lodged against him are false and defamatory.

Singh is seeking damages from the department, Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc, and the main accuser against him — DPSC employee Stacey Falgout. The Indian American doctor filed the case on Nov. 27 in a district court. He was sacked on Nov. 22.

Falgout accused Singh of putting his arms around her, and saying “I love you” at the Golden Nugget Casino/Hotel in Lake Charles on Oct. 16 at a conference of officials. Singh, however, said that he told Falgout, “I want you to know that I loved to work with you. You are one of my best employees” to alleviate whatever hostility she had towards him. Falgout, who was reportedly drunk, mumbled something in response.

On Oct. 20, LeBlanc told Singh that he would have to resign immediately as he was accused of sexual harassment. Singh has demanded a fair investigation and that the state look at the CCTV recording at the casino, the lawsuit said.

Singh claimed that the department officials offered him a deal on Nov. 7. They told him that if he resigned all records of the investigation would “disappear.” He refused to resign and was fired.

Singh’s lawyer, Jill Craft, said, “Make no mistake, sexual harassment is a tremendous scourge on society and should never be tolerated. However, in this case, Dr. Singh is innocent and appears to have been swept up in the fervor gripping our nation.” Falgout and DPSC spokesman Ken Pastorick denied to comment on the matter, according to The Advocate website.

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