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  • Little India Desk | July 14, 2018

    New U.S. Rule Increases Deportation Risk for H-1B Visa Holders, Green Card Recipients

    H-1B immigrants whose petitions for visa extension have been denied are likely to face deportation after completing term...

  • Christopher Ingraham | July 14, 2018

    Trump Isn’t Telling the Truth About Illegal Immigrants And Crime. The Public Knows It.

    The American public is becoming more favorably disposed toward immigrants in the second year of the Trump administration,...

  • Little India Desk | July 14, 2018

    Two Indian-Origin Women on Forbes’ List of Richest Self-Made Women in U.S.

    Jayshree Ullal, Neerja Sethi named on Forbes’ list of America’s most successful self-made women entrepreneurs and executives.

  • Little India Desk | July 13, 2018

    India Invites Trump to be Chief Guest at 2019 Republic Day Parade: Report

    U.S. President Donald Trump invited by India to be the chief guest at Republic Day celebrations in New...

  • Gregory S. Schneider | July 13, 2018

    When The Church Makes An Offering

    Virginia churches pledge to support the effort to create sanctuaries for immigrants in U.S.

  • Jennifer Rubin | July 13, 2018

    Trump is Losing the Country on Immigration

    The overall view of immigrants in U.S. is improving since a high percentage of Americans live in states...

  • Theresa Vargas | July 12, 2018

    We Need To Be Paying Attention To Older Immigrant Children, Too

    Older immigrant children to the United States need attention, too, and maybe more so than the babies and...

  • Stephen Mihm | July 11, 2018

    Ugliness of U.S. Immigration Debate Is Nothing New

    Trump has been able to channel a resurgence of xenophobia and a growing anxiety over the future of...

  • Marissa J. Lang | July 10, 2018

    ‘I Am a Child’: How An Artist Turned Civil Rights Imagery Into a Message Of Protest For Immigrant Kids

    "I Am a Child" protest sends message that children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border with or without their parents...

  • Jennifer Rubin | July 10, 2018

    Trump’s Racist Views Have Not Gone Unnoticed

    Half of Americans call Donald Trump a "racist," close to the worst thing you can call someone in...