• Annie Gowen |September 3, 2017

    As China-India Feud Ebbs, Bhutan Re-examines its Place in the World

    In the country's capital of Thimphu, India's influence can be seen everywhere -- from the army officers jogging on its streets to the laborers on Indian projects for mountain roads.

  • Little India Desk |September 2, 2017

    Workers Rise in US Against Offshoring of Jobs

    State Rep. Jon Hoadley proposes bill to protect interests of call center workers in the US.

  • Little India Desk |September 1, 2017

    JY Pillay Appointed Acting President of Singapore

    The Indian-origin civil servant will act as the president until a new head of state is sworn in later this month.

  • Little India Desk |September 1, 2017

    Former Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General Anand Ramlogan Granted Bail

    The detention and arrest of Ramlogan has come under fire from several politicians.

  • Little India Desk |August 31, 2017

    Kamala Harris Supports Bernie Sanders’ Single-payer Healthcare Bill

    California Senator Kamala Harris said she intends to co-sponsor Sanders’ Medicare-for-All.

  • Little India Desk |August 31, 2017

    India, Canada to Jointly Release Stamps on Diwali Theme

    Both the stamps, one each designed by India and Canada, will be released on September 21.

  • Little India Desk |August 31, 2017

    Indo-Canadian MP Darshan Kang Denies Sexual Harassment Charges

    Darshan Kang was accused of sexually harassing a female staffer at his northeast Calgary constituency office.

  • Annie Gowen |August 30, 2017

    Who blinked in China-India military standoff?

    Both India and China are boasting victory in the border standoff.

  • Peter S Goodman |August 30, 2017

    Amid Luxury, Late Wages for Migrant Workers at Trump Dubai Links

    “He has countless amounts of money! We are very far away from our houses, from our children, our families. It hurts us.”

  • Little India Desk |August 30, 2017

    From M Night Shyamalan to Kal Penn, Indian-origin Stars Against Trump

    With Padma Lakshmi criticising Trump once again, here is a look at other Indian American celebrities who have condemned POTUS.