Is the Blue Whale Challenge a Rage Among NRIs too

The most Google searches for the online challenge came from 30 Indian cities, followed by Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Evil has a new face, and it is nothing but the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. Latest Google trends reports indicate that Indian cities have seen the highest number of searches associated with the deadly online game. The massive growth in the search for the challenge in India began in July 2017, and it has shown a steady rise since then, with searches crossing millions on a single day. Over 30 Indian cities emerged on top in the list of 50 global cities who searched for this sinister game, according to Google.

Cochin Leads The List

Out of the 33 Indian mentioned in the list, Cochin is on the top, followed by Kolkata. Other two cities in West Bengal — Siliguri and Howrah — claimed the 16th and 19th positions, respectively.

The most searched keyword associated with this game is ‘Download Bluewhale Game’, even though this so-called game is not an app that can be downloaded. It is instead an internet suicide challenge in which the curator gives tasks to the participant to complete in 50 days. In the final stage, the user is asked to commit suicide.

Kerala: Land of Overseas Indians and Expats

The high number of Non-Resident Indians in Kerala is said to play a crucial role in the disturbed life of youngsters in the state.

As per government records, more than 17 lakh Keralites live abroad, while most of their families continue to live back home. As a result, children lack the primary care that they should obtain from their parents, and this absence makes them more prone to sinister games like ‘Blue Whale’. Lack of bonding between parents and children is considered a major reason behind suicides among teenagers.

Sharjah is the first city outside India on the list, placed at the 31st spot, followed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All the three cities are rich in Indian expat population, further hinting at the craze among Indians for the game.

Mental Issues

Teenagers are the most common victims of this dreaded game, and the reasons, psychiatrists believe, is the lack of time that parents have to address the problems faced by children.

Indian government has taken note of the issue, and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has asked internet giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter to mask links, which are related to the Blue Whale Challenge.

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