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Beautiful women go for handsome men, right? Wrong!

Uglies of the world unite. You have nothing to lose, except your … complex!

The traditional and popular perception of gorgeous women only targeting (or falling for) killer-boy hunks is dead and buried. A recent poll found that a majority of women today lean toward brain, intelligence, wit, charm, thoughtfulness and sensitivity rather than plain deadly looks. The reason: handsome men are likely to be vain. The brainy ones are more likely to be real and grounded.


A slew of real-life examples blitz the scene. Confesses New York-based Anita Nair, a 20-year old aspiring model and actress: “I’ve had a series of boyfriends from the time I started connecting with my ‘guy-thing’ and I’ve never honestly gone for a looker. Why? I dunno! Maybe because the guys who attracted me were boys who were like- minded with a sense of shared interests — books, theatre, cinema, music, culture and stuff. It wasn’t just hot looks and a roll in the hay. Maybe it’s a coincidence and sure, if a guy is good lookin’ that would be great … but that’s never the central point. We gotta gel mentally. I don’t want a himbo for Christ’s sake!”

Chicago-based ad executive Dolon Sen concurs, contending that good-looking men are “self-obsessed, arrogant and very boring! They believe their looks is their fortune and they don’t need to do anything but exist and the world — read women — will curl up at their feet and beg for patronage. Sick!”

Aparna Sen, the gorgeous, gifted, Kolkata-based actress-turned-film maker (36 Chowringhee Lane, Mr. & Mrs Iyer, 15 Park Avenue) seconds the sentiments: “Frankly, it’s a tough call for ladies because a good looking man is a good looking man … and first impressions do count! However, having said that, for women of substance, other aspects are imperative. I find, sensitivity, charm, intellect and kindness very sexy! Oh, and a sense of humor too — because it often works as a brilliant safety valve and speed-breaker in today’s frenetically paced, stressful life.” She pauses to add with a big smile, “I guess I am lucky. My husband has it all …. So far!”

 Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

The feeling is manifest in the celeb and glitz n’ glamour club too. From the gorgeous Suchitra Sen, Meena Kumari, Nutan, Madhubala to Madhuri Dixit, Meenakshi Seshadri, Sangeeta Bijlani, Kajol and even Rani Mukherjee — none can honestly call their companions/boy friends/husbands “handsome.” Hollywood has its counterparts in James Packer, Andrew Upton, Billy Joel, Lyle Lovett and Donald Trump. In fact, some pairs like Heidi Klum–Seal, Evan Rachael Wood-Marilyn Manson, Christina Augilera-Jordan Bratman and J Lo-Marc Antony put your belief in god and a just world to severe test!

Some behavioral scientists, however, dismiss the good-guy thing as just “posturing,” insisting that most women definitely prefer hot, good-looking dudes, but hesitate to say so publicly out of fear of being labelled “dumb babes.” Attractive women have never hesitated to date plain, even unattractive, men and later dumped them when a cool guy came along secure in the knowledge that the uglier one will always remain available to reclaim his “trophy.” Another school of thought argues that opposite poles attract.

Admits Ayesha Kapoor, a stunning beauty studying medicine in London: “When I met this dark-skinned guy with a funny accent and crazy take on life, I thought, ‘What’s he doing on this planet? He’s a total weirdo!’ Soon enough however, his entire personality, world-view and take on life started fascinating me. I’d never ever met anyone like him! Today, we are a couple. Yup, miracles do happen … and yup, he’s as bonkers as hell and hey, I love it!”

Her killer line is: “Let’s face it. There are more beautiful women than handsome men in the world, so it’s also a demand-supply thing. My pairing only endorses this perspective, right?”

 Madhuri Dixit and Dr. Ram Nene

Maybe. Whether it’s trying harder, caring more, demonstrating commitment, being more engaging, interesting, funny, intelligent and grounded, or leveraging greater sexual skills, the ordinary, plain looking guy seems to be finding favor with smart, beautiful women.

Come to think of it, even the iconic, serial seducer of all time, Casanova was not thought to be much of a looker.


For that matter, Woody Allen looks the way he does, but that hasn’t deterred the likes of Scarlet Johansen — amongst a slew of other top line beauties — dying to work with him?

As a smart and articulate young lady summed up, “A guy’s looks are starters, not the main course!”

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