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Australia,US among major markets for Indian freelancers

Respondents stated various reasons for choosing freelancing including increased income, flexibility in schedules and ability to choose who to work for.

Countries like Australia, the US and the UK account for significant amount of work for Indian freelancers working in various areas like technology, accounting and consulting, a report by digital payments major PayPal today said.

The report found that most Indian freelancers are under the age of 40 and are predominantly male. Also, web and mobile development, web designing, Internet research and data entry emerged as the key focus areas.

Many are also engaged in accounting, graphic design and consultancy, the report added.

“India is one of the largest freelancer markets in the world and growing. We found 41 per cent respondents saying they have witnessed very fast growth in the past 12 months,” PayPal India Director Growth Narsi Subramanian said.

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