10 Indian Stars


Ten Indians made the cut with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and pop stars Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in Forbes list of “tomorrow’s brightest stars.”

Forbes’ ‘30 under 30’ list profiling 360 young “ultra impressive up-and-comers,” includes:

  • Kunal Shah, 29, the youngest managing director at Goldman Sachs.
  • Param Jaggi, 17, an “award-winning high schooler” at Austin College, who developed an auto device to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Vivek Nair, 23, chief executive of Damascus Fortune, who has developed a technology to transforms industrial carbon emissions into carbon nanotubes.
  • Vikas Mohindra, 25, financial advisor at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
  • Manvir Nijhar, 28, co-head of European Equity Derivatives Sales at Citigroup.
  • Raj Krishnan, 29, chief executive of Biological Dynamics, who developed blood test for cancer.
  • Sidhant Gupta, 27, a graduate student at the University of Washington, who developed home sensors to conserve electricity, heat and gas.
  • Nikhil Arora, 24, who co-founded a business that sells ‘grow-your-own-mushroom’ kits using recycled coffee grounds.
  • Maneet Ahuja, 27, a producer at CNBC and a hedge fund expert.

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