Your Honor's Phunnee


A Mumbai lawyer is petitioning the state high court for relief against the “incomprehensible” English skills of a local magistrate, which he complains, undermines “the judicial character of a court document.” 

The Mumbai Mirror reported that the lawyer Jamal Khan protested in his petition: “The English used by the magistrate is incomprehensible. So much so that at times it obstructs the court proceedings and makes it difficult to interpret the legal ramifications.”

Khan complained that presiding Magistrate Begdale frequently employed such ungrammatical terms as “stolened, brokened, caughted.”

The Mirror cited the following examples of Begdale’s judicial writings:

“I cannot give the exact time when I admitted the hospital after the incident.”

“I was fallen down at my residence”;

“I detained conscious at hospital.”

“They assaulted with the help of hands and legs.”

“Ganesh Chauvan tried to assault me to my face but
I prohibited through my left hand.”

Khan complains,”It is nightmarish to read and interpret statements like these and then make case related preparations.

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