Little India publishes several freelance articles in every issue. Our focus is on overseas Indians, returning NRIs and expats. Articles from India should have a strong overseas Indian or NRI or expat hook.

Little India has won 21 Ippie Awards from the Independent Press Association of New York and seven New American Media Awards. The magazine has also been nominated for the Utne-IPA Award and for the GLAAD Media Award in the magazine article category with such publications as the New York Times Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Teen People and The Nation.

We consider feature articles, columns, commentaries and essays. Our feature articles are strongly sourced and packed with hard information: interviews with key sources, relevant statistics, anecdotal evidence. Our columns, commentaries and essays are written from a distinctive point of view and we encourage hard analysis as well as strong, even controversial and provocative viewpoints in opinion writing.

Features and essays typically range from 900 to 2,500 words. Columns and commentaries run from 800-1,200 words.

We encourage potential contributors to review recent issues of the magazine or our website for examples of subject matter and style.

We consider only unpublished materials. Simultaneous submissions are not acceptable. We acquire exclusive worldwide rights in all media and formats to the articles we publish. A submission implies acceptance by writers of these terms.

Articles may be submitted in electronic format via e-mail to editor@littleindia.com. Please do not submit photographs/illustrations with your contribution, although you are encouraged to include a note indicating the availability of such materials. The editors will request these visuals as necessary.


About Little India

Little India is the largest circulated overseas Indian print publication established in 1991. The editorial focus of the magazine and its associated websites, littleindia.com, biggerindia.com and expatindia.com, is on overseas Indians, NRIs, returning NRIs and expats in India.