Wanted: Some Humor and Sarcasm

 Apparently, McCain does not remember how many houses he has. Perhaps he does not walk around with his copy of the pre-nuptial he signed with his millionaire wife, Cindy McCain. Or, he does not know what is his and what is hers. It is possible she keeps the books and he wants to rule the world. Or, he does have many houses and he does not care to remember them when pithy reporters ask him questions that have nothing to do with how to win in Iraq.

So Obama attacks him and returns the jibe with humor and sarcasm, which have made their way nicely in this campaign. The response was quick and sharp and did rock the political world for a while.

McCain campaign was back in few hours with its own retort, linking Obama’s housing problem with the convicted felon Tony Retzko.

The past 48 hours have been lots of fun for political junkies.

One complaint!

Keep it funny, please! The Britney-Paris ads were funny and they were sarcastic. This housing flap has lots of room for sarcasm. It is a trope we do not use in politics. Hire some good comedians and move some infomercial time around and let us have fun. And watch some Clio Award winning commercials from around the world and make this all funny. Humor and sarcasm will win hearts, which as you know, are connected closer to votes than the head is.

August 22, 2008

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