US Envoy Uses #Sareesearch to Pick Her First Sari for Aug.15

American diplomat MaryKay Carlson takes to Twitter and asks people to help her choose the sari she would wear on Independence Day in New Delhi.


MaryKay Carlson, the Charge d’Affaires of the US Embassy in New Delhi, is seeking the help of her followers on Twitter to decide the sari she would wear on India’s Independence Day. Carlson has been posting pictures and videos, with the hashtag #sareesearch, about her selection process for the sari she would eventually wear on August 15.

Praise for the Gesture

Her latest post shows her wearing the four saris that she has narrowed down the choice to — Jamdani, Dupion, Kanjeevaram and Tussar — as she asks people to help her pick one by voting for their favourite.  Her tweet received almost 2,000 comments over the weekend, with people writing about their choices, and praising her for the gesture. Some also differed from her selection and gave their own suggestions for saris like Bandhini or Muga silk.

“Her First” Sari

Carlson had earlier, on August 2, posted a video that showed her talking  about the four saris she had narrowed her selection down to (see below). Another one posted before this showed her visiting the Gandhi Gramodyog Bhavan in New Delhi and going through a wide range of saris with the salespersons to shop for “her first” sari. “Love Indian sarees! I’m on a #SareeSearch to find one to wear to Indian #IndependenceDay celebration. @ChairmanKvic @minmsme,” she posted.

Carlson, who took up the position of the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Mission in India in August 2016, has earlier been seen wearing salwar kurta at events.

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