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My US dream is not over yet: Indian hoopster Satnam Singh

After spending almost a decade in the US, Satnam hasn’t changed much as a person. A slight American accent is evident as he speaks thanks to the education he got there.

When Satnam Singh holds a basketball, it looks like a miniature version of it. Something that little kids use to play on the streets. His handshake is firm. Take a closer look and one can see that both hands of a normal-sized human being can fit into Satnam’s one.

The giant player for Punjab is cynosure of all eyes at the 68th National Basketball Championship in Chennai. Players from other teams are lining up to click photographs with the 22-year-old. Being the first Indian player to be drafted into the NBA is a great achievement after all.“I love the attention. Knowing that 1.3 billion people are behind me is great. It’s good to be recognised,” he said.

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