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The Death Penalty Ordinance Only Serves to Worsen India’s Extradition Problem

The Freddy Peats case from the early '90s where thousands of children were sexually abused in an orphanage in Goa, and others of travelling sex offenders, acquires fresh significance in light of the recent death penalty ordinance.

In 1991, a Goan orphanage was discovered to be the site of horrific and systemic sexual abuse of young children. Freddy Peats was running an orphanage called Gurukul in Margao in South Goa, from where innumerable pictures were discovered of over two thousand children being abused.

Further investigation led the police to discover a gang of six foreign nationals who would routinely visit Peats’ orphanage and sexually abuse children. They were Zell Jurgen Andreas from Germany, Werner Wulf Ingo, an Australian citizen, Eoghan McBride from New Zealand, Nils Oscar Johnson, a Swedish national, Raymond Varley from Britain and Dominique Sebire from France.

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