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  • Little India Desk | July 18, 2018

    Obama Invokes Mahatma Gandhi During Nelson Mandela Lecture

    Obama cautions against rising “strongman politics” in the world during tribute to Nelson Mandela.

  • Walt Bogdanich and Michael Forsythe | July 4, 2018

    How McKinsey Lost Its Way in South Africa

    The Eskom contract in South Africa was a risk that McKinsey now regrets taking.

  • Little India Desk | June 18, 2018

    South African Politician Hits Out At Indians, Again

    Majority of Indians are racist, says South Africa's Economic Freedom Fighters party leader Julius Malema.

  • Treena Mukherjee | June 13, 2018

    A Forgotten Force of South Africa

    Johannesburg-based writer Suzanne Franco’s novel, Soul Force, chronicles the contribution of a little known young woman to the satyagraha...

  • Little India Desk | June 9, 2018

    South Africa Police Raid Bank of Baroda Offices Over Corruption Probe

    South Africa police raid Bank of Baroda branches as part of probe into alleged corruption involving the Gupta...

  • Little India Desk | June 7, 2018

    South Africa Begins Commemoration of 125 Years of Mahatma Gandhi’s Eviction From Train

    Pietermaritzburg station, City Hall and Mahatma Gandhi’s statue lit up for commemoration of his eviction from train in...

  • Little India Desk | June 2, 2018

    Racist Post Threatening Indians in South Africa Condemned by Province Premier

    KwaZulu-Natal premier Willies Mchunu condemns racist social media post targeting Indians, says steps are underway to identify the...

  • Little India Desk | May 30, 2018

    South African Court Releases Gupta Family’s Frozen Assets

    South Africa court rules there is “no reasonable grounds” to believe that Gupta brothers would be convicted.

  • Little India Desk | May 29, 2018

    Indian-Origin Child’s Death in Hijack Attempt Sparks Angry Protests in Durban

    Police use teargas and rubber bullets to dispel strong crowd protesting over nine-year-old girl's death in hijacking attempt...

  • Little India Desk | May 29, 2018

    Man Fined for Making Racist Remarks Against Hindus in South Africa

    South African man fined, ordered to do community service at Durban’s Ramakrishna Centre for posting offensive remarks against...