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  • Little India Desk | July 5, 2018

    Indian American Doctor Admits to Healthcare Fraud

    Connecticut doctor admits to healthcare and narcotics distribution offenses.

  • Little India Desk | July 3, 2018

    U.S. Firm to Pay $100,000 to Indian-Origin Employee Over Discrimination Lawsuit

    American firm to pay $100,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by U.S. Equal Employ­ment Opportunity Commission on...

  • Little India Desk | June 26, 2018

    Indian American Owners of Mailing Firm Accused of $16 Million Postal Service Fraud

    Two Indian American owners of a bulk mailing company charged with defrauding the U.S. Postal Service of at...

  • Little India Desk | June 26, 2018

    Asian Indians in U.S. at High Diabetes Risk Due to Adopted Lifestyle Habits: Study

    Asian Indian immigrants in U.S. are at increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, a...

  • Little India Desk | June 20, 2018

    Syracuse University Suspends 15 Students Over Racist Video

    15 fraternity members at Syracuse University suspended over racist and homophobic videos.

  • Little India Desk | June 19, 2018

    Man Convicted of Killing Indian American Student in 2014

    Jury convicts man of murder four years after the death of Indian-origin student Pravin Varughese in Illinois, United...

  • Little India Desk | June 14, 2018

    Indian American Man to Pay Over $136,000 for Involvement in Tech Scam

    Indian American man banned from offering tech support, reaches settlement with federal authorities to pay $136,000, over tech...

  • Aswati Anand | June 5, 2018

    ‘I Didn’t Go Through the ABCD Syndrome,’ Says Indian American Songwriter

    Songwriter Amanda Sodhi moved from Washington to Kolkata, and realized that she does not want to write sad...

  • Little India Desk | June 2, 2018

    Indian American Youth Gets 25 Years in Jail for Fatally Shooting His Father

    An Indian-origin youth has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for fatally shooting his father at their...

  • Little India Desk | June 2, 2018

    Indian American Teens Win National Geographic Bee, Spelling Bee Contests

    Student wins National Geographic Bee by correctly answering, “Which South American country has a population size most similar...