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  • Little India Desk | May 14, 2018

    UK Finance Sector Calls For Special Work Visa Waiver For Foreign Staff After Brexit

    UK's finance industry recommends a “flexible short-term immigration category” for employees of international banks, and related sectors.

  • Little India Desk | May 2, 2018

    Indian Investment Crucial For Post-Brexit UK, Shows Report

    UK remains an attractive destination for Indian investors, says report.

  • Little India Desk | April 12, 2018

    Indians Among Top Recipients of EU Citizenship in 2016

    41,700 Indians received citizenship in the European Union in 2016.

  • Little India Desk | April 7, 2018

    India Wants Easier Access for Migrants as Part of Trade Deal with Britain

    Mobility of Indian migrants and their ease of travel and work in UK is high on priority list...

  • Little India Desk | March 14, 2018

    India Offers Increased Export Opportunity to UK After Brexit: Study

    UK's exports to India could rise by $3.2 billion after leaving the European Union, according to a new...

  • Little India Desk | December 16, 2017

    India Leads In Providing Skilled Tech Workers to UK: Report

    Amid tension surrounding Brexit, data shows UK’s technology sector is not as reliant on the European Union. ...

  • Little India Desk | December 1, 2017

    Number of Indian Students Rises in U.K.

    China, United States and India account for over half of study-related visas granted in year ending September 2017....

  • Little India Desk | November 24, 2017

    New Indian Diaspora Forum To Push For Policy Advocacy In UK

    Indian Professionals Forum aims to bring the voice of the community to the mainstream in UK.

  • Little India Desk | August 14, 2017

    Brexit is an Opportunity for India, Says Swraj Paul

    The UK's exit from the European Union could be an advantage for Indian economy, says Lord Swraj Paul....