Stick to Movies Salman

They snapped up a Rolls Royce for a cool $636,000 and even leapt to Rs 21 lakhs ($50,000) for a Satish Gujral painting, “The Last Leap.”

But they came up decidedly short in the auction of Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan’s first painting.

At a celebrity fundraising auction for a children’s charity in early April, bidders hrefused to budge past Rs 20 lakhs for Khan’s painting of Mother Teresa, despite his heroic plugging attempts. So Khan pulled the painting from the auction saying the bid was too low.

Khan, who has painted almost 20 canvasses, almost half life size, once was quoted as saying: “Painting is a highly personal expression of my thoughts. I don’t paint or am associated with anything that’s for commercial purpose.”

Right. But being priced below a Gujral? Now we can’t take that! Hey, we are talking Mother Teresa here. Those underprivileged children can wait. Perhaps Khan should have bought his own painting. We would then know what he thinks is its worth.

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