My Soul Found a Home Here, Says Adnan Sami on Indian Citizenship

“India fell in love with me but I fell in love with India even more," says singer Adnan Sami.


Former Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf thought Adnan Sami had taken up Indian citizenship much before he actually did, the musician-singer has revealed. Since Sami left Pakistan and moved to India in 1999 to pursue his career, it was commonly thought in his country that he had become an Indian citizen.

“It’s strange because many years earlier, even before I got my citizenship, there was a very popular rumor in Pakistan that I have already become an Indian citizen,” the Lift karade singer, who acquired Indian citizenship on Jan. 1, 2016, told CNN-News 18.

Indian Identity for a Long Time

After Sami achieved success in the Indian music industry, his father sent a set of his CDs to the then Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf. The leader’s response was unexpected.

“Musharraf responded with a thank you letter which was very surprising, considering it was from the President of Pakistan,” Sami recalled. “He wrote, ‘Thank you very much Sami saahab for the CDs and it’s fantastic that Adnan has done so well, but it is a shame that he had to give up his country for the sake of achieving his fame.’ My father was shocked. How could he conclude that I am already an Indian citizen? I mean … he’s the President. He should be privy to every possible information.”

Sami had similar experiences when he traveled to Pakistan for his father’s funeral in 2009, and the immigration officers were shocked to see his green passport.

“Yes, I was a Pakistani, but the point of the matter is that I have decided to live where I wish to. It is my right and I am not going to be answerable to anybody for my choices,” he said, adding that his son is still a Pakistan citizen.

“I had spoken to the most important person in my life – my father. I sought his blessings and he said, ‘I know that they love you and if you love them back that is all you need … I have lived my life, you live yours, and be happy wherever you are’,” he revealed.

Love and Life in India

Sami reached India in 1999, and within two years, a bond developed between him and the country.

“I came in 1999 and I had no clue where this journey was going to take me. I took it as it came and within a couple of years, I was in rapture with this overwhelming love I got from India. India fell in love with me but I fell in love with India even more,” he said in the interview, calling it “that missing link” that he was waiting for all his life.

“It just felt perfect. Not only did my music find a beautiful home but my soul also found a home. And the way people embraced me, I felt at home over here, more than anywhere else in my life.”

Sami, who has already proved his mettle as a musician and singer, is set to make his acting debut with the movie Afghan: In Search of a Home. The film, co-directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru, will feature him in the role of a musician from Afghanistan who comes to India as a refugee.

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