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If you’ve been enchanted by the “poetry, phrases, expressions” on the back of rickshaws on the Indian subcontinent,  treat yourself to the Rickshaw Blog (, which is devoted to capturing the “moving works of art.”

Here are some gems

Jinnay apni maa noo sataya,
Onay saree umar ricksha hee chalaya

He who is troublesome to his mother,
Spends his life driving a rickshaw.

himmat hai to paar kar
warna bardaasht kar

If you’ve the courage, overtake
Otherwise tolerate

Kabhee side say aatee ho kabhee peechay say aatee ho,
Meree jaan horn day day kar mujhay tum kyon satateey ho?

At times you come from the side, at times from the back,
My love, why do you torment by blowing your horn?

Maalik ki gaadi driver ka paseena
Chalti hai road par ban kar haseena

The owners’ car, the driver’s sweat
Travels on the road like a gorgeous lady

Mera Bharat mahan (lekin janta pareshan)

India is great (but the public is desperate)

Dulhan hi dahej hai

The bride is the dowry

Qismat aazma chuka, muqadar aazma raha hoon
Aik baywafa kay kahtir riksha chala raha hoon

Already tested my destiny, now I am testing my luck
Because of an unfaithful act, I am driving a rickshaw

Ay adhmi haram khana chor dey
Tyre mehngay hain race lagana chor dey

Oh man, stop eating what you don’t need
Tyres are expensive, so stop racing

Sharabi kay do hi thikaanay
thekay jayay ya thaanay

A drinker has only two destinations
The liquor store or the lockup

Koi jal gaya kisi ney dua di
Jalnay walay tera mooh kala

Some are jealous, some offer blessings
The jealous one, may your face be darkened!

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