Remove Gold from Homes, UK Police Advise Asians After Spate of Burglaries

The police has advised people to consider removing high value gold or jewelry from their homes and place it in a safety deposit box scheme.


The United Kingdom police have advised families of Asian origin who own gold or high-value jewelry to consider removing it from their houses to protect it, in light of the increasing number of robberies that have made these precious items the targets of burglars.

A burglar has been jailed for more than four years after admitting his part in a serious burglary in Leicester in October 2017, the Leicestershire Police said in statement on March 22.

“A 63-year-old woman who was asleep in bed with her three-year-old grandchild next to her was awoken after she felt a blow to her face, she was then subjected to a vicious attack and threatened with a knife before she was left unconscious. Gold bangles on her wrists were stolen along with cash and other items of jewelry,” the statement added.

Farhan Loonat, 27, pleaded guilty to burglary at Leicester Crown Court on March 20. He was sentenced to four years in prison for burglary and a further six months for an unrelated offence.

“This was a distressing incident for the victim in her home, the violent nature of the offence was callous,” detective constable Damian Young who investigated the incident said.

Leicester has a large number of people of Indian origin. The area is also connected to gold merchants and traders who have many shops selling gold jewelry in the famous stretch on Belgrave Road in the city, called “Golden Mile.”

The Northamptonshire Police appealed to the public on March 17 for help regarding three burglaries that took place in the area a day before, all targeting Asian gold.

The police advised owners of high value gold or jewelry to consider removing it from their homes and placing it in a safety deposit box scheme as that is the best way to protect it.

“We also advise people to double lock doors and windows, use timer switches on lamps if they are out and keep a light on in the evening. If you see anything suspicious then we would rather have an early call so we can maximize our chances of catching these offenders,” the statement added.

It also urged the public who are witnesses or have information regarding the burglary on March 16, or the wider series of Asian gold burglaries, to notify the police.

About the three burglaries that took place of March 16, the police said that the first incident happened in Chewton Close, Duston, when three offenders scaled a wall to gain access to a property but fled after being challenged by the occupants. The second happened between 8pm and 9pm in Blossom Way, Little Billing, when five men smashed through a rear door and threatened the occupants with violence before stealing jewelry.

The third incident was in Beech Grove, Boothville, at about 10.30 in the night, when six offenders broke in through a back door and used violence before forcing open a safe and stealing a significant quantity of jewelry, cash and credit cards.

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