No Apartments For Meateaters

No smoking, no pets, no drums – and now no meat-eating!

Renting an apartment in Mumbai just got harder!

“It’s not a question of pets, smokers or loud music at 2 a.m. House hunters in Mumbai increasingly are being asked: ‘Do you eat meat?'” notes an article by the Associated Press. “If yes, the deal is off.”

In this city of 16 million people, being a meat-eater is often a big no-no, and even if you’re the highest bidder, you may not get the apartment owned by vegetarians. In fact, there are whole buildings reserved for vegetarians. And you thought getting an apartment in Manhattan was hard! So if you’re Mumbai-bound, here’s some sage real estate advice: embrace the cow and don’t ask “Where’s the beef?” Also, don’t talk about “chicks,” or “egg” or get anyone’s “goat” and certainly don’t “fish” for compliments.

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