NCW Data Shows Cases of NRI Husbands Abandoning Wives Increasing

The number of cases filed by women against NRI husbands for abandoning them have been increasing over the years both nationally and in Punjab.


The National Commission for Women (NCW) has reported a rise in the number of cases against Non-Resident Indian (NRI) husbands abandoning their wives in India.

There has been a surge in such complaints both at the national level as well as in Punjab, reported Hindustan Times.

A discussion on “Economic Rehabilitation of Women Deserted by NRI husbands” was organized on Oct.23 by NCW at Center for Social Work, Panjab University, where various stakeholders including industries and educational institutions were present.

Chetna Soni, Research Officer in NRI Cell of NCW said, “National Commission of Women has already received 572 complaints in 2018. There were 528 complaints in 2017, 468 in 2016, and 422 in 2015. These are those cases where women have directly approached NCW. They also approach local police, state women commissions or the MEA.”

She also said that this is a problem that deeply affects the mental health of deserted women and carries a social stigma too with it.

“We talk to the complainants for around three hours as this problem leaves a deep impact on the mental health of women. Moreover, there is a social stigma associated with desertion,” she said.

Joint Secretary of NCW, K.L. Sharma said, “We need participation of the universities and colleges from the region to conduct research on women deserted by their NRI husbands and problems revolving around the issue.”

According to a report in the Times of India, Sharma asked Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh to work together in the areas of jobs, research and psychology to help these women. He said that by collecting the data about women deserted by their husbands, exploring job options for them, and providing training, psychological and legal aid, some ease can be brought into their lives.

“Half of the battle will be won if we are able to revive the faith of these women in their life again. If the counseling helps them to overcome the mental trauma they go through, other problems, including employment, can be worked upon,” the publication quoted Sharma as saying.

Many women are coming out to file official complaints against their NRI husbands, who have fled to other countries, leaving them without any hope. Chandigarh’s Regional Passport Office has started revoking the passports of such NRI husbands since May this year and had revoked 60 passports till the first week of October.

On Oct.1, Punjab Police arrested an NRI husband from Delhi airport. He was wanted by the police for abandoning his wife.

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