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Manavi Marchs In Silence In Honor Of Women Survivors Of Violence

Jersey City, NJ – On Saturday, October 23, 2010, Manavi held its sixth annual Silent March. Manavi began conducting the Silent March in 2005 as a way of saluting South Asian survivors of violence appropriately during October which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year also marks 25 years for the organization, which began as the first South Asian Women’s organization in the U.S. dedicated to working to end violence against South Asian women.


This year marched on Newark Avenue in the busy South Asian business district in Jersey City, which attracts a large number of members from the community. Around 25 people, including Manavi staff members, volunteers, and community members, marched with signs such as “You have the right to lively safely in your own home” and “There is no excuse for domestic violence”. Manavi volunteers handed out flyers detailing Manavi’s services, including two employment workshops that will be offered as a part of the Manavi’s new Economic Empowerment program. In response to the high volume of calls from Jersey City, Manavi plans to launch a Jersey City program in collaboration with Hudson County Rape Crisis Center.

The event was extremely successful as it has been in previous years. Many passersby stopped to read signs and placards which spoke about violence against South Asian women. Signs were made in various South Asian languages such as Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu in order to reach deeper into the community. Passersby showed their support by stopping to inquire about the march. This event helped in engaging the South Asian community in coming together in solidarity to tackle the often ignored issue of violence against women. Support and cooperation from the community coupled with the enthusiasm of the marchers gave way to making this a memorable event.

About Manavi: Manavi is a New Jersey based women’s rights organization committed to ending all forms of violence and exploitation against South Asian women living in the U.S. Established in 1985, Manavi was the first organization to specifically provide services for South Asian women (those descending from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). Through a wide variety of programs such as culture specific supportive counseling, legal assistance through clinics and referrals, interpretation, support groups, and transitional housing, Manavi ensures that women of South Asian descent in the U.S can exercise their fundamental right to live a life of dignity that is safe and free from violence. For more information, visit or call 7324351414.


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