Man Accused of Fraud in U.S. Fears ‘Honor Killing’ if Deported to India, Says Lawyer

Jatinder "Bobby" Singh is accused of aiding a $1.3 million food stamp fraud scheme in Michigan.


Jatinder “Bobby” Singh, a resident of Flint in Michigan, could be killed by his wife’s family following his deportation to India if he pleads guilty to aiding a $1.3 million food stamp fraud scheme in Michigan, his lawyer claimed in court.

Singh’s attorney Kimberly W. Stout argued that his 31-year old client did not completely comprehend the consequences of pleading guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud at Paradise House of Liquor in Flint, Michigan Live reported.

In a motion filed in the Flint U.S. District Court on Jan. 4, the attorney asked a federal judge to allow Singh to withdraw his plea. Stout said that if Singh is forced to return to India, he fears that his wife’s family will kill him. The filing said that in April 2017, Singh pleaded guilty for helping in the food stamp scheme as he thought that he would be allowed to stay in the United States due to the “horrendous circumstances” he faces if he returns to India.

The filing further said that Singh fled to the United States from India in 2008 after being targeted by his wife’s family for an “honor killing.”

However, in December 2017, an immigration court in its ruling denied asylum to Singh.

“Upon learning of the marriage, the woman’s father declared his daughter deceased and placed an article in the newspaper,” the filing said, according to the report. It added that the woman’s family has marked Singh for death as honor killings are still acceptable in parts of India.

Since Singh’s wife hailed from a different culture and community, the couple did not have the permission of the family to get married. Singh’s wife’s father beat her up and threatened her with death when Singh had proposed to her, said the filing. The couple eventually ran away and got married with the help of Singh’s siblings.

According to court records, while working at Paradise Liquor House on Fleming Road in Flint, Singh allowed his visa to expire and no longer has legal status to live in the United States, according to court records.

In April 2017, liquor store owner Lucky Chahal pleaded guilty to food stamp fraud worth more than $1 million. As per federal prosecutors, Chahal and two of his workers, Tony “Paco” Price and Singh, paid customers 50 cents for each dollar of food stamps in exchange for goods, reported ABC 12.

Along with Chahal, Price and Singh had also pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud before Flint U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker.

Authorities said that Chahal would pay customers 50 cents cash in exchange for each dollar of their food stamps benefits. He would also exchange benefits for ineligible items such as cigarettes and alcohol. Chahal then illegally used the food stamp benefits to purchase stock for the stores.

Along with Chahal, Price and Singh had also pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud before Flint U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker.

According to court records, Singh worked for Chahal at Paradise Liquor from February to October 2015. While working there, he bought Bridge Cards from beneficiaries of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Investigator said that at the direction of Chahal, Singh used the Bridge Cards to buy inventory for Paradise House of Liquor, investigators said.

Court’s records say that Singh owes dollar 81,197 in restitution. However, Stout’s motion states, “He did not personally profit from this scheme other than his paycheck and some groceries.”

Government guidelines recommend Singh spend four to 10 months behind bars. Singh is currently free on a $10,000 unsecured bond and sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 21.

Singh and his wife obtained U.S. visas in 2008 and lived in New York City for nearly seven years before moving to Flint with their two children, aged six and eight years, for work in 2014, the filing added.

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