Make No Bones About It

An exterminator searching a crawl space beneath a Kansas City condominium was startled to find human skull poking out of a gym bag. It turned out that the bag was filled with human bones, apparently the lost property of an Indian medical student whose family bought them in India.

The student’s mother, Jamuna Hindupur says the bones were bought in India seven years ago and passed through customs because of their ostensible educational use by their son, who was studying at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. After the student graduated, a former maintenance worker, who stumbled upon the bones simply stowed them away in the crawl space “for a better place to rest.”

Hindupur told the Kansas City Star: “Everyone in India uses real bones in medical school. Here, they don’t get real bones.”

Now she wants the bones returned.  “I want them for my daughter. She’s going to school to be a dentist.”

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