Indian Student Forgiven by Australian Family, Spared Immediate Jail Term

Preetpal Singh was found guilty of reckless driving, causing the death of Daniel Wellfare in Perth.


An international student from India, who was found guilty of reckless driving and causing the death of an Australian citizen in Medina, Perth, last year has been spared an immediate jail term. The convict Preetpal Singh was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer when it collided with Daniel Wellfare’s motor bike. Wellfare, a father of four, died in the hospital shortly after he was taken there.

A court on August 31 found Preetpal guilty of dangerous and reckless driving, which finally resulted in the death of a person. Police officials who investigated the case told the court that Singh entered the intersection without sufficient time to avoid the crash. During the hearing, the prosecution told the court that a momentary inattention from a person can result in catastrophic consequences.

Soon after the judgment, Singh was taken into custody, since it was said that there were chances the convict would flee the country before he is sentenced.

Wellfare’s Family Pardons Singh

After the court found Singh guilty, Wellfare’s family said that they have forgiven Singh and do not want him to go to the jail.

“I wouldn’t wish that upon anybody. It would be nice for him to move on and to just go back to his family, be with his family,” Nanlee Leonard, Wellfare’s partner, said, according to Perth Now.

“There are no winners. We have a young boy going to jail for a long time, we’ve lost a son, our grandchildren have lost their father,” said Wellfare’s stepmother.

During the sentencing on Sept. 8, 2017, Judge Michael Gething said that even though the death of Daniel Wellfare was a catastrophic outcome, the reckless driving that led to it was at the lower end on the seriousness scale.

“You have shown extreme remorse, and have been devastated by the consequences,” said Gething, reported.

Singh was jailed for 14 months, with the term suspended to 12 months.

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