Indian-Origin Art Teacher Launches Comic Book with First Indian-American Superhero

Laserman is the story of 15- year old William Khan, who discovers the superpower within him with the help of a mysterious technological device.


A New York-based art teacher of Indian origin has introduced a comic book with the world’s first Indian-American superhero named Laserman.

According to the report in Bronx Times, Rajive Anand, who has been teaching art at Lehman High School for 20 years, has brought his childhood superhero in the comic book called ‘Laserman – New York’s Brightest – The World’s First Indian American Superhero.’

It is a story of 15- year old William Khan, who discover the superpower within him with the help of a mysterious technological device, it added.

According to a press release, William Khan is a high school student who works with his father at his laboratory. He discovers a strange technological device, which helps him to unleash a superpower within him.

William also realizes that he has the power to “travel on any form of communication as pure energy at the speed of light.” He also has the power to fire a laser from his third eye, it added.

However, the statement does not reveal what cost does he or his loved ones have to bear for it.

The creation of Laserman dates to 1985 when Anand was merely 12-years old. Writing and artistic representation work both in the 32 page comic book are accomplished by Anand himself, as he is an artist who has exhibited his artworks at various places in the world. The book origin issue is hand-painted in watercolors.

He said, “I created this character with the dream of growing up and finding the strength within me to stand up to injustice and oppression in the world. ”

“Laserman tells all of us that we can find the light within ourselves. Laserman stands for light, truth, and liberty- for all people, everywhere,” he added in the statement.

He says that this novel is based on a true story and calls it a semi-autobiographical novel.

Anand is a native of New York but his father Vivodh came to the U.S. from India in 1965. Anand’s mother Bernadette, an American, was born to parents with Russian and Polish ancestry.

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