Indian Cricket Fans Not Amused at Big Bang Theory Joke on Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar

R Ashwin was also named in the seventh episode of Season 11 of the Big Bang Theory.


Indian cricket fans were left baffled when the popular American TV show Big Bang Theory threw shade at the game and three leading cricketers. The show revolves around four scientists, including an Indian character named Rajesh Koothrappali.

Rajesh’s character is portrayed by Kunal Nayyar, who has also done a cameo for the hit show The Mindy Project where he played a potential groom for Mindy Kaling’s character.

In the seventh episode of season 11 of the Big Bang Theory, Rajesh is at a bar with Howard Wolowitz (played by Simon Helberg). The two friends are seen watching a cricket match, a sport that is not popular in the United States. However, cricket grounds have started coming up in the country.

In the episode, Wolowitz says, “I don’t get how you can enjoy cricket, it makes no sense!”

“That’s Ravichandran Ashwin, he is amazing. He makes Hardik Pandya look like Bhuvneshwar Kumar,” replies Rajesh.

“Whooa, whooa, whooa! Save syllables for the rest of us,” said Wolowitz.

Indian fans of the show – as well as the sport — were clearly not amused and clarified that the comparison becomes null as all three have different bowling styles.

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