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Indian Company Oyo Hotels to Offer 10,000 Jobs in UAE

The company currently operates 1,200 rooms in the UAE and aims to have 12,000 keys added to its UAE portfolio by 2020.

Indian hospitality brand Oyo Hotels will create over 10,000 jobs in the UAE within the next three years as it aims to expand its footprint across all emirates and will also open a training facility in the country, a senior executive said.

“We have five institutes in China and 20 in India. We created 100,000 jobs in India and 60,000 in China. We hope to create jobs for tens of thousands of UAE natives who can get trained at this facility; once they are trained, they can choose Oyo Hotels or any other brand of their choice. We are scouting for a location to set up a hospitality training academy in the UAE. The training will be free,” said Ritesh Agarwal, founder and CEO, Oyo Hotels.

Read it at Khaleej Times

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